Plant Pots

Coffee grounds contain nutrients such as potassium and magnesium; substances which makes a plant very happy. Put your plant in this pot made of coffee grounds, occasionally give it a scoop of coffee and it will grow strong and beautiful. Let’s complete the circle!

The Coffee Based Plant Pot was the second product that Coffee Based brought to market. With our production partner we can offer quite some different sizes and models. It is also possible to place a print on the outside of the plant pot.

For consumers and small businesses.

For corporate sales and resale.

Product information

  • The size of the plant pot is Ø130x120 mm.
  • The plant pot is biodegradable. This means that the product breaks down into natural materials.
  • Over time, degradation will take place on the inside of the plant pot.
  • The expected life of the plant pot is two years.
  • A coffee plant can be supplied with the plant pot on request. There is an additional charge for this.


We offer the following options for a personalized plant pot.

  • Pad print on outside plant pot
  • Change the size of the plant pot: Ø72x70 mm, Ø90x80 mm, Ø110x100 mm, Ø130x120 mm (standard size), Ø140x125 mm, Ø150x130 mm, Ø200x185 mm

Other wishes? Please contact us to discuss the possibillities.

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