A good idea starts with a good cup of coffee, and in this case you can take this very literally The coffee grounds that remain after brewing that coffee were used to make this notebook As if that doesn’t provide a good base for a book full of ideas, we don’t know it anymore! So grab this book, find a pen, take another sip and get started, because "it can all happen over one coffee..."

The Coffee Based Notebook was the first product that Coffee Based brought to market. This has been the most sold product since 2015. The notebook is extremely suitable to use as a promotional gift, because there are various options for personalizing the notebook. Think of a logo on the front or a personal message on the first page of the booklet.

For consumers and small businesses.

For corporate sales and resale.

Product information

  • The notebook is available in A5 and A6 size.
  • It includes a standard front cover and back cover in English.
  • Including standard wrapper in English.
  • The notebook contains 160 pages of lined paper.
  • The paper in the notebook is 100% recycled. So no trees are use
    for this paper.
  • With rounded corners so the notebook slips easily into your bag.
  • Conveniently organize your notes using the two black reading
  • The cover is made of coffee grounds. The A5 notebook contains
    the coffee grounds of 2 cups of coffee. The A6 notebook
    contains the coffee grounds of 1 cup of coffee.


We offer the following options for a personalized notebook.

  • Pad print on cover notebook
  • Front and back page to your own design
  • Sleeve to your own design
  • Interior pages to your own design
  • Custom made packaging

Other wishes? Please contact us to discuss the possibillities.

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