Coffee Based develops materials from used coffee grounds. We have developed different materials suitable for different products based on the material properties they need.


Injection Moulding

Non Food

Our first blend is suitable for forming sheet materials using extruding production technology

Non Food

Our second material is suitable for injection molding. However, this blend is not suitable for products intended to come into contact with food.


Our third blend is an injection molding blend that is suitable for products that come into contact with food. This material is heat resistant and dishwasher safe.


Thinking about what can be done with these materials? Look no further, below is an overview of the products that are already working their magic in the market along with those we are busy developing. Some of these products (like the notebook and the plant pot) can be bought directly from us, yet these are just a highlight of what we are doing and we are intended to inspire others to collaborate on their product wishes with us. So, if you are looking for a product using a sustainable and innovative material, then contact us and we will be happy to discuss further.


'It can all happen over one cup of coffee'

It takes the grounds from 2 cups of coffee to make a notebook. The notebook cover is made from the Coffee Based plate material while the paper is 100% recycled.

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The Lucky Cup

Imagine drinking coffee from a cup made from coffee grounds. Heaven! Right? The coffee grounds that remain after brewing a cup of coffee have been used to make this coffee cup: The Lucky Cup. This will certainly offer a good cup of coffee, don't you think? The Lucky Cup is available from 24 pieces.

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Plant pots

The unique appearance of the Coffee Based plant pot along with the smell of coffee grounds incorporated in the material makes it perfect for indoor use. Once a plant is potted, a white deposit starts forming on the inside because of its biodegradable material. The expected lifetime of the pot is two years.

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Furniture and Wall panels
(in development)

The Coffee Based sheet material is ideal for processing into furniture and wall panels, giving you the option of having a coffee corner made completely of coffee.

Lighting (in development)

A new range of products can be created by combining our basic material and some semi-finished products. We have created models for the lighting products and are testing them to ensure that thy are ready for large-scale production and sales.

Trays (in development)

We have already created the tray using the vacuum forming process. However, we are still working on optimizing its strength and resistance to water and temperature.

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