Every year more than 250 million kilos of coffee grounds are produced in the Netherlands. Much of this ends up in the waste incineration. That's a shame! Coffee Based ensures that this material is utilized better by making biobased products from this waste.

Coffee Based Products

Our national coffee addiction accounts for about 18 billion cups of coffee per year. Often the coffee grounds from all these cups of coffee end up in the regular waste bins. That's a shame! The color, smell and ambiance around coffee ensure that this material can still be of great value. Even after brewing a cup of coffee. Coffee Based sees coffee grounds as a valuable raw material and uses it in the production of it's biobased products, such as notebooks, plant pots, coffee machines and coffee cups.

Coffee Recycle Service

Because we are happy to help the major coffee drinkers in our country to collect and process their coffee grounds in a responsible way, we have developed the Coffee Recycle Service (CRS) in collaboration with MAAS and SUEZ. By using this service, the coffee grounds no longer go into the trash, but are used as a raw material, fertilizer or energy source. And the best thing is, the customer gets some of the coffee grounds back in the form of new products that they can choose themselves in the KRS shop, which is full of products made from this beautiful raw material.

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