Coffee Recycle Service (CRS)

After oil, coffee is the most traded commodity in the world, by value. 14 billion cups of coffee are drunk every year in the Netherlands alone. The process of making coffee is quite inefficient because only 0.2% of the biomass on the coffee plant ends up in your cup of coffee. The remaining 99.8% is thrown away and incinerated, which means around 300 million kilos of coffee grounds annually in the Netherlands alone. Which means that the current coffee chain in our country is very linear. We believe that it is time to convert this linear chain into circular. That is why Coffee Based and MAAS have collectively developed the Coffee Recycle Service.

What is the CRS?

The Coffee Recycle Service is a service offered to companies and organisations where bean coffee or filter coffee is drunk on a large scale. Currently, the grounds created in these organisations from drinking coffee end up in regular waster bins. 

That's a shame! This service changes that.

Who is the CRS for?

The Coffee Recycle Service is offered to organisations where:

- Filter coffee or fresh bean coffee is drunk.
- A minimum of 1250 cups of coffee per week is drunk, to create a minimum of 45 kg of coffee grounds per 2 weeks.

Your current waste collector does not matter.

At the moment the coffee recycle service is only possible in the netherlands

How does the CRS work?

A container for collecting coffee grounds from the coffee machines by the operator is placed in your organisation.

This container is collected by our cooperation partner on a fixed schedule and taken for processing.

Based on the number of cups of coffee drunk, your organisation will receive shopping credit which can be used to order (Coffee) products and services.

The collected coffee grounds are distributed among the participating processors according to their needs who turn them into high-quality, new products.
The remaining coffee grounds are used for growing mushrooms or the production of combustion pellets or fermented.

How much does the CRS cost?

The cost for the Coffee Recycle Service depends on the amount of coffee grounds that are created in your company or organization. Contact us to have a correct estimate of the service costs.

Want more information? Contact us.

Send an email to and mention 'CRS' in the subject.