The initiators of the KRS:

Coffee Recycle Service (CRS)

A lot of coffee is consumed in Dutch offices, schools and other institutions. The Dutch are one of the largest coffee drinkers in the world. The coffee grounds that we produce often disappear into the gray waste containers. At home you may throw the coffee grounds into the organic waste or in the garden, but most companies do not have a separate collection for green waste. Letting coffee grounds end up in the waste incineration is a shame, because coffee grounds are a great and unique raw material! That's why Coffee Based, MAAS and Prezero have joined forces and developed the Coffee Recycle Service for the business market.

The Coffee Recycle Service is intended for the larger companies and organizations in the Netherlands who drink bean or filter coffee. Go to for more information (in Dutch).

These companies preceded you and became customers of the KRS:

These coffee suppliers offer the KRS:

Do you have another coffee supplier? No worries, even then the KRS can be applied to you.