Lisanne Addink - Dölle contributes with her knowledge, experience and network in the field of upcycling and sustainability. You may also know her from her association with VerdraaidGoed, which she founded in 2011. Lisanne primarily focuses on sales and strategic partnerships but also contributes to the design and development process.

Remco Addink has a background in renewable energy technology and has extensive knowledge in production and commercial feasibility. Within Coffee Based, he is responsible for R&D, production, financials and offers support in the field of strategy and organisation.

Marjet Breuren - de Jong has a background in Product Design. Coffee Based is the result of her education and dedication. Marjet is responsible for graphic design and the creation of visual concepts.

Partners & Support

In a circular economy you are not an individual, you work together with others. We are happy to have partnered with the following companies and organizations with whom we worked closely and who have also helped in the development of Coffee Based